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How to Join the Challenge

Congratulations to all our bikers & hikers who took part in this year's Moonriders and Halloween Hike!

You can either sign up - by selecting to fundraise for a chosen charity OR self-fund and pay your own costs. You pay an initial Registration fee to sign up to the challenge - the fee is paid per person for individuals and members of a team, the fee secures your place on the challenge & is non-refundable.

Pay Your Own Costs - Self Funding

Alternatively you can choose to pay for the full cost of your place on the event. It's entirely up to you if you then choose to fundraise for any charity.

  • A total cost of £99 to be paid in full at registration

Fundraise for charity

These are tough cycle challenges - which makes the Moonriders series a great opportunity to fundraise significant sums of money for a charity of your choice!

  • Registration Fee of £45 per rider
  • Minimum fundraising commitment for your charity of £200 per rider
  • *50% of this pledge is due to be paid to your charity at least 6 weeks prior to the challenge
  • Your charity will then pay the cost of your place on the ride - £60
  • The remaining 50% of fundraising is due to your charity no later than 4 weeks after the ride
  • Your charity will support with all of your fundraising to help you smash your target! 

*Please note that Last Chance Challengers' minimum fundraising deadline is 20th October 2014.

Choose your charity

  • You can fundraise for any charity of your choice
  • If there’s a charity you’d like to represent that isn't listed, you can still sign up to the challenge by selecting 'A Charity Not Listed' on the registration form - tell us who you would like to fundraise for and we will contact to make the arrangements (in the event that your preferred charity will not allow this - you will be given the option of choosing one of our listed charities)

Supporting Charities